Friday, April 2, 2010

Lum's Supports Food Drive

They call it the "Canned Castle" event, held each year to collect food and donations for the South County Food Bank. This year, local construction craftsman Mike Hinton approached Lum's Auto Center with an idea. To anyone who knows him, Mike Hinton is a true Renaissance man - he is a gourmet cook, artist, bread maker, potter, craftsman and has many many more talents. Always active in the community contributing his time and his talent, Mike asked Lum's if we could help him with a project to support the South County Foodbank. His idea was to build a Scion out of food cans and boxes - all he needed was the food! We are amazed at the results! Also supporting Mr. Hinton in this worth cause were the following donors: “Our Foundation" Canned Castle Donors!!

Lum’s Auto
Kevin Cupples
Manhut Inc./ Al Smiles
Jim & Maureen Casterline
Larry Popkin/ Attorney
Neal & Lisa Wallace
Jeff & Karma Kilday / The WineHaus
Doug & Cheryle Barker
Carol O'Donovan
Barbara Hinton
Michael Hinton
Brent Boles/ Inland Electric Inc.
Jay & Jan Barber

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